Don't Change It, Colour it!

Revitalise your home with our uPVC spraying service

Are your uPVC windows & doors looking tired and effecting the look of your home? or even just want a change to a more modern colour but changing all your windows and doors isnt an option due to high costs?

Not to mention the damage that it causes removing the old units. 

We have the perfect solution for you... uPVC Spraying!

Spraying your existing windows & doors cost around 80% less than buying new units.

Our experienced sprayers technicians can transform your home in a short time, we follow a certain procedure to achieve a finish that is guaranteed  for 10 years!

Changing the colour of your windows can actually add value to your house and make it look much more modern and desirable.

We offer a full service from start to finish with hundreds of colours to choose from including RAL colours, BS colours, Farrow & Ball colours & more.

How do we do it and what is the proceedure ?

Enquiry: Once you contact us, we will book you in for a free site visit and estimate. Its always nice to meet face to face and start a good relationship, if your happy with everything a job date can be arranged.

The preparation: Before we start we do a visual check to make sure everything is sound, if any damage is spotted this can be repaired if possible.

All door and window furniture will be removed & safely stored. 

We will then clean all the uPVC with specialist products to remove any dust, dirt, grime, waxes & grease. This a very important step that needs to be done properly to give the paint a great adhesion surface & a long lasting finish.

A light sanding will then take place to give a fine key for the paint to grip to.

We have a portable gazebo that can be erected so we can work in it and spray certain windows & doors.

Masking: We use a special outdoor marking tape that is made for this kind of work, we sheet up everything that could be caught by mild overspray. This includes sheeting up glass, walls and anything that needs protecting with paper sheeting and plastic sheeting.

*At G BORG we do things a little differently when we spray the opening windows, we remove them rather than spraying them open in the window frame. We do this because removing the opening window creates a much better finish because it can be prepped properly and sprayed properly. This also allows us to get into the frame with the paint better to cover everything that needs spraying.

Window openings & doors will be removed and sprayed inside our spraying gazebo. This is a much better way of spraying.

Spraying: Once all the preparation is fully complete we will then begin to spray, we carefully spray all the uPVC in a fine dust coat.

This dries in minutes, the full coats will now be applied with a finish that is clean and smooth.

Final touches: Masking tape & sheeting will now be removed, we will clean up and refit all door and window furniture.

All removed windows and doors will be refitted.

A final visual check will then take place.

What paint do we use & what can be sprayed?

We only use one type of paint for uPVC, its a high quality paint that is made just for plastic, a leading paint for plastic adhesion. Once the preparation steps above are done the paint will be guaranteed for 10 years!

Rock doors & composite doors will require a harder paint (Two pack product) due to the nature of the door. 

We can spray countless products, windows, gutters, downpipes, garage doors, fences shutters, railings & much more!

Some surfaces may benefit from different paints and finishes but we can advise you of this when we do a dite visit or phone consultation.

Get colour inspiration!

Use the buttons below to browse RAL and Farrow & Ball colours, we can also offer advice on colours and most popular colours.

Colours can be chosen from, RAL, British Standard (BS), Dulux, Johnston's, Crown & Farrow & Ball.

Dulux ColoursRAL ColoursFarrow & Ball Colours