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After being impressed with our work, Verity Roache got in touch with us to explain that her father was looking for an equally high finish for his home...


We was asked to redecorate the drawing room & conservatory at the home in Cheshire which belongs to Bill Roache, known for his role as Ken Barlow in Coronation Street for over 60 years!

We take extra time and care on our preparation, as any quality decorator will know this gives you the best finish possible, we took on this job a whole 8 days to complete all the preparation needed to be satisfied for a superb finish.


our first job was to strip all the walls and ceiling, sand them back with 60grit abranet sanding pads using our Mirka sander, Extractor & Leros.

All woodwork was fully sanded back with serveral grit of Mirka abranet sanding pads to get a smooth finish for spraying.

We removed all the doors & radiators to spray them flat for a great finish.


Ceiling & wall corners were caulked and all holes and cracks were fill and sanded.

Once all ceilings and walls were fully prepped we then lined all thw walls with 1000G lining and ceilings were WallRock-ed and lined for a great base for finished paper.

All windows & full conservatory was masked ready for spraying & once we was happy with this stage we then stating spraying using our Graco 390 airless sprayer.

airless spraying

Strarting with the dado rail we sprayed this in Rainbow Chalk paint in Gold, spraying the dado gave it a solid gold finish that you will not get with any brush.

All the other woodwork was sprayed in a specialist spraying primer & topcoat of colour match to F&B's Wimborne White in a satin waterbased finish,

leaving a silky smooth flat finish.

the small decorative flowers were hand painted to make them all look "distressed" and uniform.

Gold noggins

The gold noggins were always something we knew would be a difficult job, the previous decorator hand painted only the face of the noggins and not the sides on the connecting line above them. 

We had to make it "perfect" so we did just that by masking each noggin and as you can

imagine this took some time but worth it!

We then sprayed them for a solid finish.





The walls & ceililings were papered in the same wallpaper.

We use specilist trade wallpaper adhesives to give an ultra

stong bond once dried.

Before any papering was started we checked for filling and caulking to be sure it was ready for the finished paper.

Much time was taken to take extra care to make sure every

cut and lengh was perfect & butt joints were seamless.

What did bill say?



"I have been looking for a good decorator for some time,

and now I have found him.

George Borg is indeed a high class decorator,

working with his sons Aaron & Lewis

They spend a lot of time doing their preparation and the finished work is impeccable!

For me he is the perfect decorator and will always be my first to call"


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