There are many aspects involved in decorating, and G.BORG High Class Painting & Decorating excels in most of them. Based in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, we only use the finest equipment to achieve a superior end result. To complete largescale painting jobs, we carry out airless paint spraying using a state-of-the-art spray gun, while we also complete dust-free sanding to keep the air at your premises clean.

we use air spray to reach hard surfaces and reduce the mess

Airless Spraying


Most people would think Airless Spraying is something that is used on industrial or building sites, they are correct...

However not many know that Airless Spraying is something that can be used in your own home.

With the right machine and training that we have at G. BORG we can achieve a great finish with airless

Using the right spray tips and paints we know anything sprayed can look amazing.



We can advise what can and can't be sprayed & what types of paints can be used.

The products used are almost always water based & the choice is vast with different finishes and colours.

Dust Free Sanding


We hate dust, you hate dust, everyone hates dust – that’s why we have invested in dust-free sanders that remove up to 99.9% of dust. This ensures that the air in the workspace remains much cleaner and healthier, and prevents your workplace or home from having dusty, unclean surfaces and floors.


Work is carried out with a Mirka sander that is connected to an extractor that pulls the dust into it, rather than pushing it into the air. The reason we use Mirka sanders is that, in our eyes, they are the best for the job and they offer a superior finish. This is part of our commitment to achieving high-class work.

At G BORG we use the most up to date Mirka sanders including:

-Deros - Orbital round sander.

-Deos - Rectangle sander. 

-Leros - Wall & Ceiling sander.

-Dust Extractor - Removing 99.9% of dust.

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