Furniture & kitchen spraying

A new lease of life to beloved furniture, family kitchens & fitted bedrooms.

On & off site spraying


Most kitchens  & fitted bedrooms are solid and in great condition but the colour may have gone out of date or you might just fancy a change.

This is where kitchen spraying is perfect & much cheaper than replacing.


Spraying ensures a smooth finish meaning it will look great once finished. We will talk you through step by step with what we will do and be doing so you feel at ease with the whole experience.


Colours you can choose from are pretty much endless, so almost any colour is possible.


Funiture spraying is a grerat way to bring back to life sentimental or expensive furniture.


We can spray any type of wood & other materials with specialist paints in lots of finishes. Our preparation ensures our finished items are perfect!


For more information on kitchen, fitted bedroom or furniture spraying please contact us.

Make room for change...

It now costs 10s of thousands of pounds to replace a kitchen.

Most kitchens are sound & still in great condition apart from being a dated colour or a few knocks and bangs.

A great soloution is to respray it and modenise is it for a much cheaper price than replacing.

Kitchen & Fitted Bedroom resprays


It now coats 10s of thousands to replace a kitchen that in lots of cases are well built and in perfect condition but the colour is date or cupborads damaged.

A great soloution to this is a "respray" the finish it just as good as a factory finish with a very durable paint.